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2015 Aon Maadi Cup Notices Newsletter - Sitemap -  

NZSSRA website

Welcome to the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association website. This site is aimed at providing schools and school rowers with an easily accessed resource of information about schools rowing in New Zealand.

Annual General Meeting March 22, Karapiro

The Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rowing Association will be held at Karapiro on Sunday 22 March 2015. It will take place at the Don Rowlands Centre after the Maadi Cup safety breifing has been completed.

2015 Championships Regattas NISSC, SISSC, Maadi

Aon North Island Champs Aon Maadi Cup
Meridian South Island Champs

Number of events per pupil

After a review of the per pupil entries at last Season's school regattas and much discussion about the health and safety of each rower, the Schools Committee makes the following recommendation:

School age rowers should only be racing 2 events at a Championships regatta. A few rowers could be considered for 3 events; none should be doing more.

In reaching the reccommendation advice was sort from physiologists, leading elite coaches and the NZ Secondary School Sports Council. The Schools Committee will continue to monitor the entry per pupil this season.

Limits on entries at Championships new & tougher limits required for 2015

There will again be limits for entries to the Championships regattas. These are due to the large numbers of crews Members want to enter and the limited time available to complete regattas.

  • 2015 Aon Maadi Cup: the limits around small boats have changed. The limits are now as follows:
    • Doubles: 1 crew per event per school
    • Singles: 2 crews per event per school
    • All other events: 4 crews per event per school
  • 2015 Aon North Island Championships: the limit for doubles has been lowered from 2 to 1. The limits are now as follows:
    • Doubles: 1 crew per event per school
    • Single, Pairs, Fours and Quads: 2 crews per event per school
    • Eights and Octuples: no limit
  • 2015 Meridian South Island Championships: these limits are unchanged:
    • Eights and Octuples: no limit
    • Other boats: 2 crews per event per school

All races with limits imposed will open to supplementary entries (after normal entries close) to fill any remaining lanes or races. During supplementary entries the limits are slowly raised. This provides a limited opportunity for some extra crews to be entered on a first-come first-served basis.

New Schools 2014/2015 season

The NZSSRA's newest member schools:

  • Riccarton High School[RICC]
  • Christian Renewal School[CHRS]
  • Mt Roskill Grammar School[MTRO]

and rejoining after an absence:

  • Havelock North High School [HAVE]
  • Rangitoto College [RGTT]
  • St Oranís College [STOR]
  • Taupo Nui-A-Tia College [TAUP]

We look forward to seeing these schools compete in regattas this season.

If you know of any other schools wanting to join NZSSRA this season please point them to our website or the Schools Committee.