CODESchool nameRegion                        Approved Colours
APARAparima CollegeSouthlandGreen (forest) with gold V on chest
ASHBAshburton CollegeCanterburyBlue (navy) with red side panels and crest
AVSGAvonside Girls High SchoolCanterburyBlack with green (jade) side panels
BAYFBayfield High SchoolOtagoGraduated green with blue trim and gold and blue slashes at waist
BURNBurnside High SchoolCanterburyGreen and white stripes
CASHCashmere High SchoolCanterburyMaroon and gold stripes
CBHSChristchurch Boys High SchoolCanterburyBlue with black stripes
CGHSChristchurch Girls High SchoolCanterburyBlue (navy) with wide red stripes edged in white
CHCOChrist's CollegeCanterburyWhite with black trim and black side stripe
COLUColumba CollegeOtagoGreen (dark) with narrow white stripes
CRAICraighead Diocesan SchoolCanterburyGreen (bottle) top blue (navy) bottom white piping and CDS in side panel
CROMCromwell CollegeOtagoBlue (navy) with blue (sky) harness
DUNSDunstan High SchoolOtagoRed (scarlet) with two gold bands
GOREGore High SchoolSouthlandBlue (navy) with yellow thin stripes side panels and trim
JHARJames Hargest CollegeSouthlandRed top gold bottom with red and gold diagonal
JMCGJohn McGlashan CollegeOtagoBlue (navy) top with red and gold bands and navy side panels with gold piping
KAIAKaiapoi High SchoolCanterburyBlue top white bottom with 5 thin blue bands
KAVAKavanagh CollegeOtagoBlue (navy) with burgundy diagonal edged in white
KHSDKings High SchoolOtagoBlue (light) with blue (dark) side panels crest on left breast
MARNMarian CollegeCanterburyBlue (navy) and red halves with letter M on front and back (inverted colours)
MLBBMarlborough Boys CollegeNelson/MarlboroughBlue (navy) with two gold diagonals
MLBGMarlborough Girls CollegeNelson/MarlboroughGold with two blue bands
MTASMt Aspiring CollegeOtagoBlack and gold quarters
NAYLNayland CollegeNelson/MarlboroughBlue (light) with maroon side panels and tan trim
NCOGNelson College For GirlsNelson/MarlboroughBlue (navy) with blue (light) band
NELBNelson CollegeNelson/MarlboroughBlue (dark) with blue (light) band
OBHSOtago Boys High SchoolOtagoWhite with two blue (navy) bands
OGHSOtago Girls High SchoolOtagoBlue (royal) and white quarters
QCHAQueen Charlotte CollegeNelson/MarlboroughBlue (light) with two green (dark) diagonals
RAHSRangiora High SchoolCanterburyGreen top white bottom with 5 thin green bands
RONCRoncalli CollegeCanterburyWide maroon stripes separated by blue (royal) yellow blue (royal) stripes
RRGSRangi Ruru Girls SchoolCanterburyBlue (navy) with gold-white-gold sash
SHIRShirley Boys High SchoolCanterburyBlue (sky) with gold braces
SLDBSouthland Boys High SchoolSouthlandRed top blue bottom with white diagonal
SLDGSouthland Girls High SchoolSouthlandRed top blue bottom with white diagonal
STANSt Andrew's CollegeCanterburyWhite with blue side stripes blue cape on back and name in white
STBDSt Bede's CollegeCanterburyRed with black band optional black sleeves
STCCSt Thomas Of CanterburyCanterburyBlue (royal) with red side panels and gold ribbing row suit with navy pants
STHISt Hilda's CollegiateOtagoBlue (light) v-shaped top blue (navy) bottom
STKVSt Kevin's CollegeOtagoWhite with blue band and red trim
STMGSt Margaret's CollegeCanterburyRed and white stripes
TIMBTimaru Boys High SchoolCanterburyWhite with blue (bright) cross
TIMGTimaru Girls High SchoolCanterburyBlue (navy) with white pin stripes
TWIZTwizel Area SchoolCanterburyGreen (bottle) with black band
VERDVerdon CollegeSouthlandYellow top green (forest) diagonal with black bottom
VILLVilla Maria CollegeCanterburyBlue with white off centre cross with blue (sky) trim and blue name
WAKAWakatipu High SchoolSouthlandBlue (royal) with three gold with diagonals and WAKATIPU underneath
WMEAWaimea CollegeNelson/MarlboroughGreen with two gold diagonals and white side panels
WTKBWaitaki Boys High SchoolOtagoBlack with red band and red side panels