CODESchool nameRegion                        Approved Colours
ASHB Ashburton College Canterbury Blue (navy) with red side panels and crest
AVSG Avonside Girls High School Canterbury Green with red side panels and tapered white band (AVONSIDE in back band)
BAYF Bayfield High School Otago Graduated green with blue trim and gold and blue slashes at waist
BURN Burnside High School Canterbury Green and white stripes
CASH Cashmere High School Canterbury Maroon and gold stripes
CBHS Christchurch Boys High School Canterbury Blue with black stripes
CGHS Christchurch Girls High School Canterbury Blue (navy) with wide red stripes edged in white
CHCO Christ's College Canterbury White with black trim and black side stripe
COLU Columba College Otago White w green trim and sides and fading navy diagonals, navy dove on back
CRAI Craighead Diocesan School Canterbury Green (bottle) top blue (navy) bottom white piping and CDS in side panel
CROM Cromwell College Otago Blue (navy) with blue (sky) harness
DUNS Dunstan High School Otago Red (scarlet) with two gold bands
GARI Garin College Nelson/Marlborough Black with maroon sides and shoulders with gold piping and black trim
JHAR James Hargest College Southland Red top gold bottom with red and gold diagonal
JMCG John McGlashan College Otago Blue (navy) top with red and gold bands and navy side panels with gold piping
KHSD Kings High School Otago Blue (light) with blue (dark) side panels crest on left breast
MARN Marian College Canterbury Blue (navy) and red halves with letter M on front and back (inverted colours)
MLBB Marlborough Boys College Nelson/Marlborough Blue (navy) with two gold diagonals
MLBG Marlborough Girls College Nelson/Marlborough Gold with two blue bands
MTAS Mt Aspiring College Otago Black and gold quarters
NCOG Nelson College For Girls Nelson/Marlborough Blue (navy) with blue (light) band
NELB Nelson College Nelson/Marlborough Blue (dark) with blue (light) band
OBHS Otago Boys High School Otago White with two blue (navy) bands and blue yoke
OGHS Otago Girls High School Otago Blue (royal) and white quarters
QHSD Queens High School Otago Blue with red blue (navy) and red side stripes
RONC Roncalli College Canterbury Wide maroon stripes separated by blue (royal) yellow blue (royal) stripes
RRGS Rangi Ruru Girls School Canterbury Blue (navy) with gold-white-gold sash
SHIR Shirley Boys High School Canterbury Blue (sky) with gold braces
SLDG Southland Girls High School Southland Red top blue bottom with white diagonal
STAN St Andrew's College Canterbury White with blue side stripes blue cape on back and name in white
STBD St Bede's College Canterbury Red with black band optional black sleeves
STCC St Thomas Of Canterbury Canterbury Blue (royal) with red side panels and gold ribbing row suit with navy pants
STHI St Hilda's Collegiate Otago Blue (light) v-shaped top blue (navy) bottom
STKV St Kevin's College Otago White with blue band and red trim
STMG St Margaret's College Canterbury Red and white stripes
TIMB Timaru Boys High School Canterbury White with blue (bright) cross
TIMG Timaru Girls High School Canterbury Blue (navy) with white pin stripes
TWIZ Twizel Area School Canterbury Green (bottle) with black band
VERD Verdon College Southland Yellow top green (forest) diagonal with black bottom
VILL Villa Maria College Canterbury Blue with white off centre cross with blue (sky) trim and blue name
WAKA Wakatipu High School Southland Blue (royal) with three gold with diagonals and WAKATIPU underneath
WMEA Waimea College Nelson/Marlborough Green with two gold diagonals and white side panels
WTKB Waitaki Boys High School Otago Black with red band and red side panels
WTKG Waitaki Girls High School Otago Black with red pin stripe