est. 1967

Westlake Boys High School's approved colours
#120: Westlake Boys High School

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There are currently 138 member schools. When at a NZSSRA sanctioned regatta each member is supposed to row in approved colours (clause 14). You can look at approved colours of all current members or narrow your search a little below.

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Colours by region

Rowing regions: Auckland, Waikato, East Coast, Whanganui, Wellington, Nelson/Marlborough, Canterbury, Otago, Southland

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Active colours Approved colours of member schools

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Colours approval Required before changing colours

Important: approval must be obtained from the Schools Committee for a school to change its colours.

There have been instances where schools ordered new rowing strips, without first getting them approved, and were subsequently unable to use those strips at regattas because the new strip could not be approved. So it is a good idea to consult with the Schools Committee when working through choices for new colours.

Inactive colours Approved colours of past member schools

At any given time we have a number of schools who have been members in the past but are not currently active. However, they still have approved colours, which can be looked at on the page showing approved colours of past members.

Old colours Colours formerly used by member schools

If you are hunting through old photos and trying to work out which school is which, we may be able to help. NZSSRA has a record of some of the colours that schools have rowed in in the past (but only where they have changed colours since 2000). They can be looked at on the previously approved colours page.

North Island Northland/Auckland Auckland/Northland Waikato/Bay of Plenty Bay of Plenty/Waikato East Coast/Hawkes Bay Hawkes Bay/East Coast Taranaki/Whanganui Whanganui/Taranaki Wellington South Island Marlborough/Nelson Nelson/Marlborough West Coast Canterbury Otago Southland